The following are just some of the customer reviews for Apolo Drakuvich.

My wife recently got this book for her Kindle; and it is fantastic! I quickly got pulled in to the world of Apolo Drakuvich and was mesmerized. It's the kind of book you still keep thinking about even hours after you put it down. Apolo's journey is raw, dark and moving, told in a refreshingly direct way that both entertains and enthralls. I highly recommend this book!  -  B. Huff

I don't like doing reviews much, but Apolo Drakuvich was surprisingly good. I like getting books when they're cheap to try and support indie authors (aka looking for sleeper hits so I can tell people I read them way back when ;]), but tbh they usually aren't very good. This one grabbed me after about 20 pages and didn't let me go. Good stuff. Haven't heard of Jefferies before, but I'll be interested to see what he makes next. I've already gifted this to my parents for their kindles. Both of them are crime tv show junkies, and I'm sure they'll like this one as much as me. - EnterSimon

I couldn't put this book down! This was an enjoyable read and I plan on reading it again. Apolo Drakuvich was truly pushed over the edge. The story made me think about how troubled our justice system is. G.W. Jefferies has given us a unique point of view into a criminal mind.  - M. Avila

I love low-priced gems among the Kindle books and this is the best I found in the past 3 or 4 months. I'm an avid reader, especially of the bizarre and lesser-known circles and this Jeffries story has something for people like me, someone looking for sardonic, sarcastic, funny, with a touch of crime. Drakuvich is a tragic guy but you've gotta love him as he makes his way through the world as a petty criminal, and not a very good criminal at that. The story is more of a thriller than a comedy of course, but I see humor where perhaps others wouldn't and I like what I read here. - S. Bowden

Apolo Drakuvich is a hard-luck story about a kid who never had a chance. Some thing like "The 400 Blows" where you're rooting for him, and you get really involved in all his mistakes and mishaps, and root against all the forces that make this kid's live nearly unlivable. A story of pathos and eventual redemption. Recommended.  - J. Ferrara

The stream of consciousness style reminded me of William Burroughs. Apolo is definitely a tortured soul abandoned in a world not of his making. - W. Yates

I found this book highly entertaining. It was well written and it kept me guessing right from the beginning. It was taut and suspenseful and I kept wondering what Apolo was going to do next. In this ambitious book, the author takes on our justice system and leaves us wondering if Apolo is a villain or a victim of our system.  - Beatriz